Ex Gramaticus

Academic, literary, technical and commercial text
translated into English with force and clarity.

". . . I read your translation carefully; it is
very good. In addition to maintaining fidelity to the original, it preserves the flow of the text
which, according to its reviews, is one of its greatest strengths."
Dr. Cláudio Moreno

Professor, Grammarian,
Writer of Tróia – o romance de uma guerra /
The Secret of Troy, translated by Ex Gramaticus

". . . I needed an article about architecture and sociology translated on a short deadline. I was surprised by the result: he was careful and precise in the selection of English terms. Erik Soderberg is very competent in dealing with academic contexts, which require patience, efficiency and rigor."

Professor Dr. Lara Leite Barbosa

Architecture and Urbanism Department
University of São Paulo

"I highly recommend Erik Soderberg.  His acute sensitivity was noteworthy in editing my thesis, and he translates Portuguese into English with clarity and textual objectivity. This has made an important contribution to my work."

 Professor Fernando Diniz Moreira,

Arts and Communication Center,
Department of Architecture and Urbanism
 Federal University of Pernambuco

"Erik Soderberg is an American with a firm command of his native language, and his English translation is professional and exceptionally elegant. As if this were not enough, he is also unfailingly observant of deadlines. I can highly recommend his services because I use them myself."

Professor Dr. Fernando Atique

Instructor and Researcher, History Department Federal University of São Paulo

"Academic translations usually rely on the agility and availability of translators, as well as their affordability. But the results are not always satisfactory. I strongly recommend this professional . . . not only for his correct use of specific terms and expressions, but also for his genuine interest in understanding the text. His service is always kind, patient and good-humored."

Professor Tatiana Sakurai

Doctoral Studies in Architecture and Urbanism
University of São Paulo